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Support for mother with financial crisis

Ado MCH & IVF Center, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia 2023-09-05 14:52:29

This mother has only one child, and her baby girl is grown She got pregnant after her marriage, and they started Anc follow-up in our MCH Center, one day They asked for a referral for financial reasons and we decided to follow her for free through her pregnancy, and delivery today she gave birth to 3.3 kg health baby girl, we are really forced to share you their feelings, Thank God for helping us to serve our community.

Ado Brief Info

Ado fertility center is the first private fertility center in Tigray Region. fully-integrated, dedicated to medical excellence and caring for all aspects of fertility and gynecological health. With a proven history of medical expertise and leadership in our field, Ado MCH & Fertility Center was created with your health and comfort in mind. Equipped with the latest technologies for screening and treatment.

Ado Fertility Center was established in 2014 G.C, since that we treated more than 15,000 patients and more than 2,500 babies have been delivered in our Medical Center.

Ado is established in 2006 E.C. It's aged 9 years + as of 2015 E.C.